Why N-Squared

  • We bring deep operating and financial expertise. Our market strategy is based on bringing together high quality businesses, world-class managers, and an investment syndicate with deep capital resources and industry expertise. Accordingly, we have established a unique group of executive and capital partners who together bring an extensive amount of operating experience and capital resources that we look to leverage in accelerating the growth of our acquired businesses.


  • Aligning incentives is key. We strive to move efficiently and structure deals that are highly customized to the sellers' needs, and most certainly priced fairly. We are very much open to creating opportunity for our partners to realize long-term equity value appreciation, and expect to offer equity ownership as desired.


  • We are growth investors. We seek to create significant value for our acquired businesses over the long-term through active, hands-on involvement with the management team, particularly on matters such as M&A advisory, capital raising and financing, strategic planning, corporate development and recruiting.

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